Band Tension Gauge

With our Honsberg band tension gauge, you can easily measure the band tension of the bandsaw blade on the machine.


Our refractometer helps you keep a close eye on the correct coolant concentration, since lubrication has a significant impact on cutting rates.

Feed Rate Meter

The Honsberg VM-500-1 allows fast, accurate, easy measurement of the feed rate during the sawing process.

Band Speed Meter

The band speed meter is easy to use and tells you the exact speed of the saw band.

Cutting oil

The Honsberg cutting oil HM-2 is specially designed for Micro dosing systems on band saw machines developed. So you can also with MMKS systems the maximum service life of the reach saw bands.


The Honsberg heat-treated steel wedge helps you prevent any binding of the bandsaw blade in the cutting channel.

Swarf Brushes

Honsberg wire and nylon brushes are the ideal swarf brushes for your band saw machine. They remove chips efficiently and increase the service life of your band saw blades.