Honsberg Power Hacksaw Blades

Honsberg Senior

Product line 332

  • Standard tooth: 0° rake angle
  • Universal saw blade
  • For a wide range of cutting uses
  • Maximum durability even in the highest material strength range
  • Ideal for use with a wide range of different materials and dimensions
  • The saw blade for optimal cutting capacity

Honsberg Gamma

Product line 334

  • Standard tooth: 0° rake angle
  • Universal saw blade
  • Made of spring steel and laser welded HSS for the teeth
  • For high cutting capacity and high feed rates
  • Absolutely break-proof for maximum safety at work

Honsberg Spezial 8P

Product line 337

  • Claw tooth: 8° positive rake angle
  • The perfect middle ground between a universal saw blade and special saw blade
  • For long-chipping, tough materials
  • Optimal for cutting structural, case-hardened and heattreatable steels with strengths up to about 800 N/mm2
  • An addition for stainless steels for cross-sections under 50mm or pipe walls under 10mm with corresponding tooth pitch Zahnteilung