Cerrus Bandsaw Blades

Quality Carbide Grit

  • Continuous or segmented carbide-tipped
  • Highly durable band edge for dry and wet cuts
  • The high wear resistance of the carbide grit allows a long service life
  • Ideal for cutting special materials, e.g. composites, cables, wires, tyres, abrasive construction materials, case-hardened steels and glass-fibre/carbon-fibre-rein forced plastics (GFRP/CFRP)
  • Continuous – smaller workpiece dimensions
  • Segmented – larger workpiece dimensions
  • Rolls up to 76 m
  • endless-welded bands
  • 6 to 38 mm
  • 8, 12 and 14 mm
  • continuous
  • segmented
  • Carbide-tipped tooth cutting edge

Honsberg Cerrus Continuous

The continuous carbide-tipped special tool

Honsberg Cerrus Gulleted

The segmented carbide-tipped special tool